Johnny Dollar, "the man with the action packed expense account", was an appropriate name for a freelance insurance investigator who could pad an expense account with the best of them. Using the clever premise of the expense account, Johnny narrated the story from the first phone call to the last stamp.

In the first show, Johnny introduces himself as a freelance investigator who pays lives in Hartford, Connecticut. At least he pays rent in Hartford since his job sees to it that he lives anywhere but home. He humbly lets everyone know that he is just an expert at insurance investigation but, at making out his expense account, he is a genius.

Johnny begins the show by listing out the the first few items on his expense account, usually cab fare with a big tip. Yours Truly Johnny Dollar is classified as a radio drama but the show is more in the detective genre. You can even go a bit further by calling him a hard-boiled detective.

During the course all Johnny's adventures he met all kinds of people. But the people he usually clicked with were the women...the good girls and the bad girls. There were offers to run off together with the insurance money the woman expected to receive or steal from her partner in crime. There were the occasional threats, a surprise thumping or two from a woman and many guns drawn on him. Then there were the good girls, the women who got to Johnny and sometimes got a weekend at the insurance company's expense.

Yours Truly Johnny Dollar was on the radio from January 1948 to September 1962, the final days of the radio drama. Over the 14 years that Johnny Dollar was on the air, eight actors played the role. There were 811 episodes of the show with over 725 still available


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